Dizziness from Head Trauma

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Dizziness is known to be a symptom after head or brain injury and often presents alongside difficulty with imbalance, nausea, sensitivity to light, headaches, anxiety, irritability, delayed processing, "fogginess", memory issues and sleeping difficulty.


The dizziness can be vestibular but also related to non-vestibular causes like anxiety, migraine and cervical.  BPPV is common and sometimes well reported by the patient, but in other cases the patient does not feel the common evoking triggers, does not report them and therefore it is not diagnosed or treated unless seen by an experienced professional. 

Within Vestibular Rehabilitation all causes of the dizziness must be considered.  Often input from other therapists is needed and I continually work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in these more complex cases to allow for better management and increase recovery.