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Everybody’s ears produce wax and it is the body’s natural way of helping to keep the ears clean and healthy. However, this wax can sometimes become hard and impacted which can cause discomfort, ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus) and may even start to affect your balance (feeling dizzy and sick) .

Is excessive ear wax effecting your hearing and are you struggling to get it removed?

I offer a wax removal service using a specialist suction machine that uses air suction rather than water for cleaning the ears. This means the wax can be carefully removed with minimal risk of complications.

Micro-suction is currently the safest and most effective method of ear wax removal.

At your appointment I will take an ear medical history, assess the level of wax using video otoscopy and where possible remove it straight away. In some cases where the wax is too hard or has become impacted, we may have to ask you to soften the wax before I am able to remove it using some drops of olive or almond oil for a few days.

In the event of discovering an ear infection, any ear abnormalities or finding wax removal is not possible, I will write to your GP with consent.  Pictures taken inside your ears can assist with any treatment or specialist referral required.